How It Works

Step #1

Choose the 2019 Resort Sampler award.  Remember… you don’t have to select a destination or your travel dates when you select the Resort Sampler award.  You’ll have until April 11th, 2021 to select your destination and dates and travel on your award.


Step #2

Create an Account and Register your award.  When you receive your award material and certificate, return to this website and click “Book”, then “Create Account.”  You will need a valid email address to create your account and your certificate number and Security Code to register your award.  REMEMBER:  You DON’T need to create a new account each year you receive an award!  You can log into your existing account and register this year’s award.


Step #3

Log In, Search, and Book Your Trip!  At any time before your award expires, just return to this website… click on “Book” and then “Log In To Your Account”.  Enter your email address and password.  You’ll see all of your active awards in your account.  Select the award you would like to use to book a trip, then click “Search”.  You’ll be taken to the search interface where you can select the destination and dates you would like to travel.

PLEASE… keep your contact information up to date!  Whenever you log into your account you can click “Edit” and update your address, password, phone numbers, etc.  Keeping your contact info up to date will help ensure that your reservation is free from errors.