Napa Valley

They call it "Wine Country", but it's so much more. The rolling hills and spectacular scenery are just the beginning. The Napa Valley region boasts some of the best dining in California and the historical sites are definitely worth seeing!

Important: The Featured Resorts in the Napa Valley region include 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units only. There are no Studio-sized units available in this destination.

Destination Information

Resort Availability: 

We offer only two resorts in the Napa Valley area... Worldmark Windsor (just north of Santa Rosa) and Riverpointe Resort in Napa County.

Date Availability: 

Availability is limited to January and February of 2020 at this time... more dates may become available in the future.

Unit Availability: 

Only 1- and 2-bedroom units are available at our featured resorts in Napa Valley. Base level award holders will have to upgrade to a larger unit.