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Please be advised of the following from the Emerald Extras program headquarters:  We are no longer able to offer any destination that is not featured as part of the Resort Sampler “Featured Destinations”. You may find our featured destinations on your brochure and listed on our website.

Thank you for your cooperation!


**  Florida Panhandle dates for this summer are: 2 bedrooms 6/30, and 7/7 only, 1 bedroom 8/3 only!  Book now because they won’t last! **

** Please find the great 1 bedrooms in Myrtle Beach at Anderson Ocean Club we currently have!!  Check in either July 7 or 21, 2018 only! **


PLEASE NOTE:  We are currently unable to acquire inventory for Cape Cod, Florida Panhandle and Hilton Head for summer 2018 check in dates.   The inventory at these locations is not available to us.  However, we have many other wonderful destinations for you to consider.  Also, Myrtle Beach is very limited for summer check ins so please don’t wait to search this destination.  Please call the reservation line if you need assistance.  We would be happy to help!


If you don’t find availability for a destination included on our “Featured Destinations” list, we would be happy to accept a reservation request with a check-in date before your certificate expires.  Your request submission must be at least 4 months in advance of the preferred check in date.  We are more likely to be able to find you something that far in advance.

Please provide us with some details, if you are interested in doing so. We would need to know the destination, who is traveling (ages of children), your preferred check-in date, and the size unit you are looking for. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee we can get the inventory, it just puts you on our “que” so that we may notify you if/when we do acquire availability. With the Resort Sampler program, you get the best availability searching 4-6 months in advance of the check-in date.  Also, once it’s booked it’s FINAL.

If you need any further assistance in finding a reservation, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Featured Resorts


Welcome to the ALL NEW Resort Sampler website.  We’ve re-design the site to make it easier for you to learn about your award, explore the many Featured Destinations you can venture to, and learn lots more about the Featured Resorts that participate in our program.  Have a great trip!  Book your award trip here, 24/7/365… or call us at 800-790-8175. To start searching availability, please click on the link:   LOG-IN   It will bring you to the log-in page.