Coronavirus Extension New Expiration Date 2019 Awards extended!
You'll have until April 11th, 2021
to travel on your award!
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Resort Sampler is open for new bookings.  Feel free to log into your account and search for a vacation.  Our Featured Destinations will remain in “Reservation Request” status.  You must submit a Reservation Request to start the process of booking a trip.  This allows us to make sure the available resorts are, in fact, open to guests and expect to remain so in the future.  Either way, remember that ALL FUTURE BOOKINGS ARE FINAL and can’t be changed or cancelled for any reason… including Covid-19 travel concerns


The expiration date for all 2019 Resort Sampler awards has been extended from February 7th until April 11th, 2021.  Your travel must begin by that date.   You are encouraged to submit a Reservation Request at any time.


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Welcome to the  Resort Sampler website.  We’ve re-design the site to make it easier for you to learn about your award, explore the many Featured Destinations you can venture to, and learn lots more about the Featured Resorts that participate in our program.  Book your award trip here, 24/7/365… or call us at 800-790-8175 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm ET). To start searching availability, please click on the link:   LOG-IN   It will bring you to the log-in page.  Have a great trip!